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Icon TurboSFV Icon 2018-12-09 13:55:49
TurboSFV v8.20
Notes to TurboSFV v8.20:

With the new version, you can now generate checksum files folder-wise in an automated manner: Pass a set of files or folders to the program and TurboSFV calculates checksums for the selected files and places a hash file in each folder, where the files are located.

Optionally folders can be searched recursively and filters can be used to limit the number of files.

Note that one hash file per folder doesn't automatically mean, that it contains checksums for all files in a folder: If you use a file filter or select only a few files in one or more folders, then the folder hash files contain only hash values for these files. If you don't use a filter and pass a folder, then all files will be considered.

The new functionality allows to generate checksum files for each folder, this for a set of folders in one shot. Useful, if you have a huge amount of files in different folders and later on, you want to validate a single folder or re-calculate checksums only for a few folders.

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Cologne, Germany
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