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Icon TurboSFV Icon 2018-09-09 10:58:38
TurboSFV v8.11
Notes to TurboSFV v8.11:

TurboSFV v8.11 expands the filter capabilities with a filter for file attributes. You can select one or more attributes from a list with the option to include or exclude files, which have one of the selected attributes.

This filter can be used together with the file extension filter: In this case, a file must meet the criteria of both filters, before it will be processed. It's also possible to use only one filter by deactivating the other filter.

Actually you can use file filters in TurboSFV, if you want to create a hash file for a set of files, which can't be easily selected otherwise. You can even use filters in TurboSFV for finding specific files.

Feel free to add here a comment for the new version.
Cologne, Germany
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