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Icon TurboSFV Icon 2020-03-15 12:02:16
TurboSFV v8.53
Notes to TurboSFV v8.53:

In v8.53, then main program comes with a new column: In addition to the file name, the full path of the file is displayed in a new column. This can be useful, if the physical location of a file needs to be discovered and relative paths are used in the hash file. If you don't need this new column, you can hide it by opening a new popup menu, which appears, if you right-click on the column headers and by unchecking the check box for the appropriate column.

In TurboSFV v8.51, options for building the checksum file name for the creation mode 'per Folder' were introduced. In the new version, TurboSFV is more flexible in case of very long file names, while considering general file name conventions.

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