Latest version
Version: v8.50
Released: 2019-OCT-13
  • Only the shareware versions of TurboSFV (Private Edition (PE) and Light Edition (LE)) can be downloaded. The commercial edition (CE) must be ordered and pre-paid. Commercial customers will then receive a download link along with the registration key.
  • Please visit page Features to compare the different versions of TurboSFV.
  • The setup files are digitally signed. The page Digital Signatures (updated: 2018-DEC-09) provides details for the validation of a digital signature.
  • The x86 version of TurboSFV requires a Windows 32-bit operating system, while the x64 version needs a Windows 64-bit.
  • Please use a common browser for downloading and deactivate your download manager, if exists.
OS: Windows 32-bit
File: TurboSFV_PE_x86_8.zip
Size: 7,37 MB (7.724.123 Bytes)
SHA-256: 7a25c8d31eed3770bc93166a0871b4a707bd651c1451723c8d2cd12ba5d3bb19
SHA3-256: 1348b8099760c50fcf39190e8f64446c0b1a8109a137ffd849b73e31302b4f47
OS: Windows 64-bit
File: TurboSFV_PE_x64_8.zip
Size: 7,99 MB (8.375.696 Bytes)
SHA-256: e06d296c9a9518bb52fd5ef1b669cc362b064ec22394381ea51e1d858eae84cf
SHA3-256: 6a77b2f94dffe92f947f3838e44a3010dd400a721ce8264b5ae7f357723f8a44
TurboSFV LE (Light Edition) is based on TurboSFV PE, but comes with reduced functionality.
OS: Windows 32-bit
File: TurboSFV_LE_x86_8.zip
Size: 5,25 MB (5.504.382 Bytes)
SHA-256: 36d41450b63dda6e30bd3c443d9280268eeed252e1797b80e1160e71a1c1cb27
SHA3-256: 4018175c0fdb5bb38e9e5d7832cd1bcd0135f3bf5a44d0ea1f67617b31d9cdf6
OS: Windows 64-bit
File: TurboSFV_LE_x64_8.zip
Size: 5,77 MB (6.045.892 Bytes)
SHA-256: cff5cffe6b0b8316e0b26232bc94323f91fee7ff8a6cedf9c4f3da001635bd4c
SHA3-256: 0cbc410ee961b775e18b47801ad68f829d94d1b2db51212cb3cff418635c6afa
Alternative external download sources
Here you can find links to web sites of third parties, from where you can alternatively download TurboSFV. Note that it can take a few days, before the latest version is there available.
DropBox CNET Heise
TurboSFV PE from Dropbox TurboSFV PE from CNET TurboSFV PE from Heise
TurboSFV x86 (PE) TurboSFV x86 (PE) TurboSFV x86 (PE)
TurboSFV x64 (PE) TurboSFV x64 (PE) TurboSFV x64 (PE)
TurboSFV x86 (LE)    
TurboSFV x64 (LE)    
  • Configuration dialog: New page, which displays all the settings for the checksum file.
  • The needed encoding for the checksum file can now be automatically detected and set.
Detailed changes are described in the release history.
Operating Systems: Windows 2000 / 2k3 / XP / Vista / 7 / 2008-R2 / 8 / 10 (#1809)
  TurboSFV ME (Mobile Edition) also supports Windows PE (10.0.10586.0)
TurboSFV x86: Windows 32-bit
TurboSFV x64: Windows 64-bit
Languages: English, German
Installation: Administration rights
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