2010-JUN-13 - v1.51 Logo
  • Fixed a bug in the file save dialog (suggested hash filename), which occurred, if one folder with a dot in the folder name was selected.
  • If the hash creation process was started via the file menu, then the hash type was wrong.
  • The last used folder for the hash creation process was not always correctly loaded.
  • TurboSFV was sometimes asking for a CD/DVD to be inserted.
  • The reset of the total progress counters and the progress bar is now done only for the first job in the queue. As a consequence, the behaviour of these controls from now on is accumulative.
2010-APR-04 - v1.50 Logo
  • TurboSFV is now Unicode capable. The program code has been adjusted where needed. This includes dialogs, interface, file I/O, help file and the installation routine.

    Mainly customers from countries, where the Ansi character set can't hold all needed characters, can benefit from this change. But also people from "Ansi" countries, who are already using Unicode characters in their file systems or sharing files with, for example Asian users, can profit from this update.

    TurboSFV now handles both, Ansi and Unicode based file names with the same full functionality. To get an overview, please read the separate web page about Unicode support.

2010-MAR-13 - v1.21 Logo
  • Improved error handling for removable drives.
  • Changed: Last used folder will not be saved for removable drives.
  • Improved hash file analysis and thus better error handling if the hash file contains invalid information.
  • TurboSFV now even calculates hash values for files which are opened and shared for reading by another application.
  • "File not found" error message, which could occur if a validation job was started via the explorer context menu.
  • Reduced the number of flashes for the main window, if a hash caculation job is done and the application window doesn't have the focus.
  • Added a new warning icon for certain application messages.
  • Changes the text for menu commands and status line of the shell extension.
2010-FEB-01 - v1.20 Logo
  • The TurboSFV shell extension now supports 64 bit OS.
  • Added support for hashing files from within libraries.
  • Added support for hashing files from within the shell search window.
  • Improved synchronisation between the hash creation and the validation process.
  • Improved shell support regarding "drag and drop" operations.
  • From the shell context menu, you can now open multiple hash files at the same time.
  • TurboSFV now automatically adds full path information, if you have set TurboSFV to store relative path information and you are hashing over multiple drives within the same job.
  • If you have set TurboSFV to store relative path information and you change the suggested location for the hash file, then from now on a dialog pops up which allows a temporary change of this setting.
  • Various minor technical improvements.
  • Installer issue on Windows 7, which could cause the PCA (Windows "Program Compatibility Assistant") to popup with a confusing message.
  • In the hash creation process there was a possible memory leak, which could occur in rare cases.
  • In some cases, TurboSFV did not correctly detect the drive type.
  • TurboSFV now displays an error message, if the hash file doesn't contain any valid hash information.
  • Improved visual progress for the hash creation process.
2010-JAN-01 - v1.12 Logo
  • Some minor technical improvements.
  • Fixed a bug where the last used folder was not correctly saved if the validation job was started via the explorer.
  • If a validation job starts using the explorer and the application is minimized on the taskbar, then, from now on, the application window will be automatically restored.
  • If a validation job is finished and the application window doesn't have the focus, then, as a new behaviour, the application window flashes a few times to visually indicate that the job is done.
2009-OCT-03 - v1.11 Logo
  • Added functionality to sort the file list by clicking on one of the column headers once the validation is done.
  • Added functionality to revalidate the last validated hash file either completely or, only the bad files or, completely from a different location if relative paths were used. This option is available in the file list popup menu after the validation is done.
  • Changed the parsing of a hash file in a way, that mixed use of relative and absolute path information is no longer allowed.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the colors not to be painted correctly.
  • Slightly adjusted the form layout.
  • Reduced the scrolling of the file list to avoid flickering caused by too much repaints.
2009-SEP-01 - v1.10 Logo
  • File list context menu state was not reset after the start of a new validation job.
  • Some issues with the "Flip 3D" and taskbar features when running on Vista.
  • Fixed a bug where, in case of a validation of a small file, the progress bar didn't reach 100% after completion.
  • Added Vista style dialogs for OS later than XP.
  • Added two additional labels indicating the total number of bytes and bytes validated.
  • Icons added to indicate the final status of a hash calculation and to allow to stop it.
  • Changed hash creation form from non-modular to modular behaviour to avoid memory leaks when the host process terminates before application.
  • Changed behaviour of the program window when it is asked to close.
  • Redesign of the file list scrolling behaviour.
  • Slightly adjusted menu entries for the shell integration.
2008-DEC-01 - v1.02 Logo
  • Optimized internal process synchronisation.
  • Optimized behaviour of the progress bar for the file validation.
2008-SEP-20 - v1.01 Logo
  • Fixed a bug which could rarely cause the application to crash on startup.
  • Fixed a bug in the job handler which, in a special situation, could cause a double validation or a skip over of a hash file.
  • Fixed a bug in the file list filter logic which, in some cases, could cause the display of wrong files.
  • Optimized the file list scrolling behaviour.
2008-JUL-11 - v1.00 Logo
Initial Release
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