2015-JAN-25 - v5.63 Logo
  • The hash file creation window now displays icons for minimizing and maximizing the window size.
  • Error fixed in the shell extension: Depending on the version of the shell, the state of the on/off switches in the context menu of the explorer wasn't saved in some cases.
2014-DEC-01 - v5.62 Logo
Digital Signatures
  • Digital signatures renewed, because the old certificate has expired.
2014-OCT-18 - v5.61 Logo
Menu issues fixed
  • TurboSFV main menu: If a validation job was running, a new job couldn't be added via the menu.
  • Explorer context menu: Non-registered users couldn't create hash files by using the context menu.
2014-OCT-05 - v5.60 Logo
UNC path for mapped drives
  • Option added, which allows to save the UNC path instead of the drive letter in case of mapped drives.
  • This option is also available in the command-line version, implemented as a new switch.
2014-SEP-03 - v5.50 Logo
New interface options
  • The auto scroll feature, which scrolls the file list during the validation, can be turned on and off.
  • The flashing of the window, which signals that a hash job is finished, can also be adjusted.
  • The animation in the taskbar, which represents the progress and the state of a hash job, can also be turned on and off.
Command-line versions
  • Added a new switch, which allows the creation of a log file.
  • Another new switch allows to include sub folders during the creation of hash files. Thus one hash file can be created for a folder tree.
  • The command-line versions are now availbale for the Mobile Edition (ME) and are included during the installation of ME. ME is a part of the Commercial Edition (CE).
2014-AUG-03 - v5.40 Logo
Single hash files
  • Added a new functionality, which allows to create a single hash file for each file instead of a summary hash file for all selected files.
  • Single hash files are stored along with the selected file, in the same folder.
  • A special menu entry with a check mark allows to switch easily between summary and single hash files.
  • Single hash files can be created single wise, for all files in a folder or recursively by walking the folder tree.
Create hash files: Recursive search
  • For the creation of hash files, there is a new menu entry with a check mark, which turns on/off the recursive search for files. If turned off, files in sub folders are excluded.
  • In earlier versions of TurboSFV, files in sub folders were always included for the selected folders.
  • The menu entry is available in the shell context menu for folders as well as in main menu.
Other changes
  • Shell context and main menu: The menu entries for "Search and validate" have been changed to one menu entry for the search and another for turning the recursive search on and off.
  • Other minor technical improvements.
  • Manuals updated.
  • Problem fixed, which could occur with the "Validate" sub menu in the main program.
  • At certain places, file or folder names with an ampersand character were not correctly displayed.
2014-JUL-06 - v5.30 Logo
Search and validate
  • New functionality which provides options for searching and validating hash files.

    Folders can be searched single-wise or recursively for hash files. The detected files will be automatically validated. The search options are available in the shell context menu for folders and in the TurboSFV main menu.

  • Commercial edition (CE): The available search options can be administered.
  • The shell context menu has been changed in a way, that all menu entries belonging to TurboSFV are now summarized in a submenu. Menu entries appear context sensitive for the validation of hash files, for calculating hash values and creating hash files and for the new search options.
  • Dialogs with fixed window size can now be resized.
  • Improvements in case of overlong paths.
  • The dialog for selecting a folder now allows browsing in network shares.
  • For mapped drives, the drive letter is now saved in hash files, if full path information is requested. For network shares, the UNC path is still used.
  • Other minor technical improvements.
  • Manuals updated.
2014-JUN-01 - v5.21 Logo
  • Technical improvemens in the shell extensions.
  • Command-line validate: A part of the memory wasn't released after finish.
2014-MAY-04 - v5.20 Logo
  • Improved program behavior in case of more instances.
  • Improved shell integration.
  • Improved inter-process communication.
  • New design for dialogs. The size of some dialogs, for example "Validation details", is now adjustable.
  • Layout for infotip changed.
  • For new installations, TurboSFV appears in the Windows standard colors.
  • Mobile edition: Improved program behavior on guest systems.
  • Minor problems in the configuration dialog fixed.
  • Some layout issues fixed which appeared under higher dpi settings.
2014-MAR-09 - v5.10 Logo
  • Added functionality, which allows to export the validation results either to a file or to the clipboard. The following file types are supported: txt and csv. The csv format can be used to import the results into a spreadsheet for further analysis.
2014-FEB-09 - v5.02 Logo
  • Main program (Validation): The window will be automatically put into the foreground, after a new validation job has been added via the shell.
  • Shell extensions - file property sheets: Disabled column headers.
  • Shell extensions - file property sheets: Added an infotip which appears, if the width of a text exceeds the available space in a cell. For example, usually a SHA-512 hash value can not be fully displayed. If you now move the mouse over the hash value, then a small text box displays the full hash value and you don't need to scroll.
  • Some language specific adjustments.
2014-JAN-11 - v5.01 Logo
  • Adjusted command-line help, so that it does not exceed 80 characters per line.
  • Shell property sheet pages: Display glitch removed, which could occur in same cases.
  • Command-line: Shell notification in case of folder changes.
  • Improved handling of window activation events.
2013-DEC-15 - v5.00 Logo
Command-line version
  • TurboSFV now includes command-line versions for the creation of hash files and the validation of hash values. These versions can be started in a command window or be used in batch files. With various switches, the program behaviour can be controled and an exit code provides information about the last operation. Depending on the installed version, the command-line versions are running in 32-bit or 64-bit mode.
  • Similar to the GUI version, the following hash types are supported: CRC-32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512 plus the two t-bit hash functions SHA-512/224 and SHA-512/256.
Changes and fixes
  • DPI awareness: TurboSFV automatically adjusts icons, position and size of windows and control elements as well as column widths of listview controls according to the system dpi setting.
  • Icons changed or added.
  • TurboSFV version 5 is compatible with Windows 8.1.
  • Commercial edition (CE) only: If a default hash type is defined, all other hash types are now hidden instead of disabled in the main menu and the file context menu.
  • Shell extensions (Context menu: Validate, File property sheets: Content and Hash): Menu entry or sheets only appear, if all selected files are of registered hash files.
  • In some cases, previously validated files were not detected.
  • Various technical improvements.
Installation notes
  • If you have previously installed TurboSFV version 4 or an older version, then you must manually uninstall the older version either via the control panel or via the shortcut in the windows menu - before starting the setup of version 5. Different versions of TurboSFV on the same system may result into problems.
Upgrade information for version 5
  • The registration keys for version 4.x are no longer valid. Customers who acquired a license for version 4, may upgrade to the current version for free by sending an e-mail to the address below, by providing the following information:
    • Registration name as indicated in the about box of TurboSFV: Navigate to the TurboSFV application menu, select Help and then About.
    • Registration ID as indicated in the same window. Do not send your personal registration key!
    • The e-mail address which you have used for the purchase.

    E-Mail:  tur
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