2011-SEP-04 - v2.60 Logo
  • Added two new hash functions: SHA-512/224 and SHA-512/256. Both functions use the same algorithm as SHA-512, but the initial vectors are different and the hash values have a smaller size.
  • The color of the taskbar button now better reflects the overall progress state.
  • Manuals updated.
  • In some special cases, only the english language was displayed.
2011-AUG-07 - v2.50 Logo
  • A new shell property sheet handler allows the calculation of hash values on the fly, without going the extra mile via a hash file. This function is available in a new property sheet page for the file properties.
  • All menu entries now come with an icon.
  • Manuals are now in line with v2.50.
  • Improvements regarding hash calculation time.
  • Some registry entries changed.
  • Hash calculation speed was sometimes displayed with the wrong unit.
  • Dialog issue on OS Vista.
  • Minor bug fixes.
2011-JUL-03 - v2.30 Logo
  • Added a shell property sheet handler which displays detailed information for the selected hash file. The sheet is available in the context menu of the file under properties.
  • Infotip layout changed.
  • Even more cleanup efforts.
2011-JUN-04 - v2.20 Logo
  • Added a shell infotip handler which displays a pop-up text containing information about the hash file. The text pops up when the user selects or hovers the mouse pointer over the hash file.
  • Renewed the icons for the shell context menu.
  • The 256x256 TurboSFV icon was not displayed.
  • In some cases, the title of the main window was not correctly restored.
  • Mixed SHA-2 hash types in a single SHA-2 hash file are no longer accepted.
  • More cleanup efforts.
2011-MAY-01 - v2.10 Logo
  • The progress is now indicated in the taskbar button, if the program window isn't active. Some extra visual effects are displayed, if OS is Windows 7.
  • Cleanup efforts.
2011-APR-02 - v2.04 Logo
  • Fixed a bug introduced in v2.03, which could have a negative impact on the performance.
2011-MAR-12 - v2.03 Logo
  • Internal process synchronisation improved.
  • More precise progress indication for time and speed.
2010-DEC-05 - v2.02 Logo
  • Option added to display the validation progress in KByte, MByte and GByte along with the default unit which is Byte. The unit can be changed in the setup menu.
2010-OCT-12 Logo
IPv6 information
  • The web site of TurboSFV is now accessible via IPv6 and supports both IPv4 and IPv6 Internet layers. Visitors can examine the version of the layer they are using to connect to this site by reading the IP version number, which is placed just below the small logo on the right.
2010-SEP-19 - v2.01 Logo
  • Changed the way TurboSFV loads external modules to prevent possible preloading attacks.
2010-AUG-01 - v2.00 Logo
  • Added multi-language capability. First additional language is German.
  • Added support of color schemes which allows to customize the appearance of TurboSFV.
  • Various minor technical improvements.
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of the progress and speed in case of multiple validation jobs.
Upgrade information
  • The registration keys for version 1.x are no longer valid. Existing customers can upgrade to the current version for free by sending an e-mail to the address below, if you can provide the following information:
    • Registration name as indicated in the about box.
    • Registration number as indicated in the about box.
    • The e-mail address which you have used for the purchase.

    E-Mail:  tur
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